Rules & Regulations

GENERAL RULES OF (LL.B. Professional) 3-Year COURSE

  1. The duration of the course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Professional shall be 3 Years (comprising six semesters) for this Course.
  2. A student is required to attend not less than 75% of the lectures delivered in each of the subjects/papers and also in the tutorials and practical classes, including moot courts.
  3. The medium of instructions as well as of the examination shall be English.
  4. Practical Training of students shall be inbuilt part of the curriculum.

* Transitory Provision: Candidates admitted to the LL.B. (Professional) Part l/ll/lll course under Annual System in the academic session 2007-08 or Earlier shall be governed by the old rules.

Instructions against Ragging

We take pride in informing all those desirous of seeking admission, which over all these years, our college has the best traditions of maintaining a Healthy and congenial academic environment. We are also glad to convey that with the determined and sincere efforts of our senior students an- faculty, our campus has been free from the menace of Ragging.

All concerned may note the following please:

  • Ragging is Unsocial, Illegal, and Punishable.
  • Ragging in any form at any place in the campus or outside is strictly prohibited.
  • Any student found indulging in an act of ragging will meet strict disciplinary action leading to expulsion from the University.
  • The following will amount to the act of ragging:
  • To address seniors as ‘Sir’,
  • To perform mass drills.
  • To copy class notes for the seniors.
  • To serve various errands.
  • To do menial jobs for the seniors.
  • To ask/answer vulgar questions.
  • To look at pornographic pictures to ‘Shock the freshers  out of their innocence.
  • To force to drink alcohol, scalding lea etc.
  • To force to do acts which can lead to physical injury/mental torture or death.
  • To force to do acts with sexual overtones, including homosexual acts.
  • To strip, kiss etc.
  • To do other obscenities.

All the senior students are advised to guide and treat junior students affectionately. Junior students may contact the teachers or other College functionaries for help and guidance.