Admission & Eligibility




  1. The duration of the course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) shall be of three academic years (six Semesters). Each year shall be divided into two semesters i.e. July to November/ December and January to April/May. The examination shall ordinarily be held in the month of December and April/May on such dates as may be approved by the Vice-Chancellor.
  2. The schedule of dates fixed in accordance with Clause-I shall be notified by the Controller of Examinations.
  3. The last date by which the examination forms and fee must reach the Controller of Examinations shall be approved by the Vice-Chancellor.
  4. A candidate, who fulfils the following conditions shall be eligible to seek admission in the First Semester of LL.B. 3-Year (Professional) Degree Course:

(a) Has passed an examination in B.A. (3-years) Degree Course of a recognized University with 45% (40% for SC/ST) marks in aggregate.


(b) Possesses any other equivalent academic qualifications recognized by this University.

A person who has passed the Semester I or II or III or IV or V shall be eligible to join the Semester II or III or IV or V of VI respectively of the LL.B. 3-Year (Professional) Degree Course. This is, however, subject to Clauses-12 and 13 below.

The examination of Semester I/II/III/IV/VI shall be open to a student who:-

(a) Has passed the requisite examination as laid down above in clause 4 and 5, as the case may be, or is covered under Clause-13 below; and

(b) Has his name submitted to the controller of Examinations by the Chairperson and produces the following certificates signed by him:

i) Of having good character

ii) Of having remained on the rolls of the Law College for the Semester concerned preceding the examination;

iii) Of having satisfactorily performed the work of his class.

iv) Of having attended not less than 75% of the lectures in each semester as also in practical training (to be counted upto the last day when the classes break up for the preparatory holidays.

A candidate on the rolls of the Law College or an Ex-student shall submit his application for admission to an examination on the prescribed from with the requisite certificate duly countersigned by Chairperson or senior member of the teaching staff nominated by him.

  1. The amount of admission fee to be paid by a candidate for each Semester shall be as prescribed by the University from time to time.
  2. the medium of instructions and the medium of examination shall be English. The question paper will be in English.
  3. Candidates shall be examined according to the scheme of examination and syllabus as approved by the Academic Council from time to time.
  4. The minimum number of marks required to pass in each paper of LL.B. 3-Year (Professional) Degree Course I,II,III,IV,V and VI semester Examination shall be 45% in theory papers and 50% in aggregate of semester examination.
  5. A candidate, who has failed in a semester examination, or having been eligible fails to appear therein, may be allowed on the recommendation of Chairperson to appear/re-appear in the examination/ paper9s0, as the case may be, in accordance with clause-II. Such a candidate may be exempted from appearing in the paper(s) in which he obtains at least 50% marks.

Provided that a candidate for the LL.B. 3-Year (Professional) Degree Course must pass the whole examination (Semester I,II,III,IV,V and VI) within five years of his admission to the LL.B. first Semester class, failing which he will be deemed to be unfit for the course and shall not be allowed to appear in the same either by attending classes again as a regular student or as an ex-student.

Note: the candidate admitted to LL.B. 3-Year (Professional) Degree Course shall not be allowed to switch over to any other course, otherwise his candidature for LL.B. 3-Year (Professional) Degree Course shall be cancelled forthwith.

13.1 A candidate who has appeared and failed in a semester Examination shall be promoted from I to II to IV and V to VI Semester, subject to the provision of clause 13.2 below:

The Vice-Chancellor may, in very exceptional cases and where he is satisfied that there are unavoidable circumstances e.g. serious illness, serious calamity like death of father or mother etc. allow a candidate who having been otherwise eligible, failed to appear in the I/II/V Semester Examination or to study for the II/IV/VI Semester Examination, as a documentary proof thereof is received in the office of the controller of Examination through the Chairperson within 10 days of the expiry of the concerned examination.